Who can I contact if I am having difficulty?

The platform is provided by our independent partners, Clever Together. If you’re having difficulty using the platform, or experience any problems, please email them directly to support@clevertogether.com 

Will my comments on the platform be anonymous?

Any contributions you submit in the discussion platform will be visible to others taking part in the conversation. However, your personal details will not be visible on the platform - your information will not be shown next to any of your ideas, comments or votes. This means your ideas will be treated by other participants based on their merit, not based on who you are.

Will anybody within my organisation know if I take part in the online workshop?

Online workshop contributions

The online debates are managed by Clever Together and no one will be able to identify you, not even the Clever Together team unless you share any personal, abusive or offensive content.  We welcome uncomfortable and controversial ideas but personal, abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated and Clever Together will contact you if this is the case. Clever Together work independently and will not share instances when they have had to contact users.

We can use the platform to automatically send emails to contributors, for example if we would like to hear more about an idea you have submitted or if we need to merge your idea with a similar idea on the platform. This email will be automatically generated via the system, no-one will know who the system is emailing in this regard unless you choose to come forward.

Gateway questionnaire

Before entering the online summit, participants will be asked some questions to help us to understand more about who is taking part. None of the information you share will be personally identifiable, or be shared with anyone else other than the analysts at Clever Together. All of this information is deleted once the reports are published. 

How will the conversation be moderated?

This online workshop is being facilitated by an independent organisation called Clever Together.

In order to facilitate the summit the facilitation team may need to:

  • merge some ideas that have similar content. When two ideas are merged, all votes and comments are transferred to the new idea and the title may be reworded to better capture its essence.
  • split some ideas that contain discuss multiple topics in one post. If your post contains more than one idea, the facilitation team may choose to break the post up into multiple posts and submitted them into relevant streams.